Top best mechanical tool set brand 2018

mechanic tool set brand

 It is always our desire to have the best tool set of the best mechanic tool set brand. But it is not easy to choose the best brand of the mechanic tool set if you do not familiar with some of the famous brands. The best brand of mechanic tool set will provide the best quality tools which give the best service and durability. However, there are many brands of the mechanic tool set on the market. Among them, several company are very much popular among the users. In this article, I am going to show you the best  brands of the mechanic tool set.

Types of mechanic tool set brand

There are three different types of tool set brands. We choose the brands from them according to our budget. Let’s see the types.


This type of tool set contains a lot of multi-functional tools which are expensive and innovative. This toolset can be the best gift of Christmas time or in the father’s day.

Entry-Level tool set

This type is good for them who use this tool as practice or some home repair. So, this type is not good for heavy-duty work.


Some brands provide mill-level toolsets that are better options and less expensive. A lot of people use these toolsets for their livings. It is the best type of mid-budget.


For them who need the top-quality, heavy-duty, great style and best size, they should buy the professional type mechanic tool set. The professional mechanics use this type widely.

Best mechanic tool set brand

Among a lot of brands, I am going to provide you the description of some brands. It will help you to get the best one.


Proto is one of the famous industrial tool set brands. Their tools are really awesome mainly the wrenches, screwdrivers, etc. Their tool sets are durable and affordable. They provide all kinds of toolsets for the beginners to the professionals. This company is USA based, and most of the tools are made from there. You may know that Proto is the division of well-known Stanley Black and Decker. So, you can try the toolset of Proto.


If you are searching for the toolset which performance is very outstanding, you can choose the Craftsman toolset. Stanley Black & Decker controls this brand. This brand started in 1927. It is in the USA.  However, highly affordable and a lifetime warranty on this toolset are increasing its popularity. Craftsman toolset brand get many good certificates such as the highest score of “Brand Expectation” by Harris Interactive, Reader’s Choice Awards. Besides, it is the official brand of NASCAR.

Mac Tools

You may hear the name of this famous tool brand of automotive tools. They offer a wide range of toolsets for mechanics. It is a well-known American company who provides the professional tools and toolsets. The headquarters of this company is in Ohio, USA. This brand has more than 8000 tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, nuts, and so many tools. Their tools and tool sets are perfect for price and quality.


It is another well-known company with the tools and toolsets. It is an American company. You can use these toolsets for construction, mechanics, woodworking, manufacturing and some other working purpose. The trade-name of this brand is Black & Decker. So, for your home and professional purposes, you can use the toolsets of this company.

My recommendation

I recommend the Craftsman mechanic tool set brand as the best tool set brand for both professional and unprofessional uses. Over the years, it is considered as the best quality toolsets among the users. Their tools are tough and durable for the lifetime. I have experience of using a toolset of this brand over 20 years. But the tools never break the tools. The design, quality, quantity of tools, materials, durability, etc. all are praiseworthy. So, if you are a starter or a professional, you can try a toolset of Craftsman.

All the toolset brands described above are the well-known and best mechanical tool set brands worldwide. So, make a budget and choose one of the brands that seem better to you. Besides, you should consider the comfortable and your specific needs.

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